perdikaki web squareArtemisia squareTime By Light_CG_2017_squaremarble bed squareagc1 copy the-collectors-process-13

the flight of 243 bougainvillea (test still)

plant press wall drawing totalTheatre light timelapsecasa rotto cuttings copy
parietaria theatre floor drawingVestiges of an alternative futureWind in the Apartment video installation view 2 copy

Scale drawing of the Snehta studio 2

a man goes on a walk

IMG_8227 copy The old airfield buildings are soon...
Moments in Place (stills) copyairfield elder copyThe Old Airfield (stills) copyUntitled (port) still copy

jobcentresuperplus corridor copy
Verdant copy

Floorboard Map (attempt 1) copyUntitled (bronze floorboard crack) copyOpen Up copy