Snehta Residency – research in progress


Artist in Residence

October – November 2013

Ventilation system

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Journal for Athens (made and materials bought in Athens)


Acropolis weeds


Remnants, preservation and inadequacies


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In search of the Athens light

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The only unique photograph you can get is of a cloud

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From the studio




1:20 scale drawing of studio floor


Today I let the wind into the apartment. I threw open four of the six balcony doors (not invading the privacy of Dickie’s bedroom) and all of the hatch doors that open into two internal ventilation shafts that run through the centre of the building from ground to fifth floor. I let the curtains billow and breathe in the drafts and was surprised by the violence with which the wind circulated. It rushed in on all sides, whipping round the central walls before finding another door to leave by again, sending them swinging on their hinges. The hatch doors swayed gracefully back and forth but the balcony doors moved rapidly open and closed and back again, like valves in their pairs or like sails caught on gusty seas. The whole apartment was filled with the fast wind that blew my hair about as much as if I was outside. I watched, with my camera, for every way the air moved inside and for every object it would stir. The photographs and drawings flapped against the walls, coming unstuck, and papers fluttered from my desk. Every door danced in the currents as they changed. On its way out the wind would catch the doors and crash them shut as I winced, then keep them sucked shut for a moment before turning outside to blow them wide apart again. As the afternoon light drew down the pace slowed, the doors only stirring once in a while, and I sit in the calm once more.

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Never have I been more aware of the endlessness of Time than in Athens. 28.10.13