2018 | 37″

A wandering narrative through the city of Athens, Greece following the growth of the prolific weed, περδικἀκι (Parietaria or pellitory-of-the-wall), and its relationship to the urban environment. THE NARRATOR’s search for the elderly lady, THE KYRIA, who was first seen picking the weed, then weaves through the empty and abandoned places of the city, searching for meaning in the overlooked plant. As observations, findings and specimens accumulate, a fictional researcher, THE COLLECTOR, emerges and the focus blurs: are we in pursuit of the elderly lady’s wisdom, or the Collector’s? And other than the symbolic plant, do the other players exist at all?

Writing, direction and camera: Catriona Gallagher

Editing: Nikoleta Leousi and Catriona Gallagher

Sound and musical composition: Alyssa Moxley